Delicious Baked Spicy Potato

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Let’s wash the tiny potatoes under the running water until the mud is well gone and cut them in half.Add salt,red pepper and thyme to a deep bowl and add the potatoes and mix well.Let’s put half a cup of water in it to cook it softer.Let’s leave the potatoes in this sauce for 10-15 minutes.Let’s arrange it on a baking sheet with greaseproof paper on top of the cut sides.Let’s drizzle the leftover sauce over them.Let’s cook at 180 degrees.If you are going to make large potatoes, you can chop them into apple slices or rings one inch thick.Ben slim I used small potatoes with shells and didn’t peel them.Enjoy your meal…

200+ Thanksgiving Delicious Foods

Thanksgiving is the happiest and most peaceful day of the year for me. we stop dieting on this beautiful day. The best food and desserts await us. The most important thing is a happy family environment. We can only get together on Thanksgiving. We usually make the most delicious food on this day. But you can look at our gallery to try different flavors. You can search for any recipes you want.

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