Fascinating 27 Nail Model

If you remember, when I said nail decoration, I thought of a French manicure. Currently, Nail Art craze has taken its head off, and your nails look just as remarkable as the dress we wear. Today I have compiled the most cool and glamorous nail models for you. Unique creative and colorful styles for almond nails, square nails and oval nails will blow your mind. You’ll feel special.

You will be able to use it at weddings, special invitations, working, in your daily life and add style to your style! Ladies who want to look beautiful and well-groomed, choose your model according to your own nail shape. Do it yourself at home and ask your manicurist for help. I’m sharing models for you that I think you’ll love.

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80+ Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

We do fun things for Christmas. To me, this is all about makeup. I’ll start with the nails first. This year I will have a nail of Santa’s 🙂 and a nail of mine will have a reindeer. I’ll paint it red, Yesil and blue. I’ll wish the New Year was as colourful and beautiful as my nails. You can also use dark blue shades. A friend of mine did a very nice work with the colors blue. Everyone looked at her hands and nails. It’s been great.

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