40+ Perfect Lip Makeup İdeas

Who wouldn’t want to have perfect-looking lips? But for that, we have to take care of our lips. A good moisturizer that you will apply to your lip before makeup will provide the care that your lips need. If you want to apply different colors to your lips, if you say you are tired of classic colors, the lip makeup I have prepared today is for you! It is also possible to apply the variety of colors that we apply to our eyelids as headlights for our lips. And you’ll get great results.

If you want to apply various patterns, you will also find more than enough in this gallery. Bright, wet looking and matte… You can choose from photos according to your taste and preference. Are you ready to check out a gallery of herpes-ridden and overly sexy lip makeup?

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40+ Most Marginal Eye Makeup Techniques

Eye makeup is the part where makeup is most emphasized and we try the most. Usually, we all start with our eye makeup first and then apply foundation and so on. Eye makeup is the most important detail that reveals and emphasizes the beauty of our eyes, allowing us to be attractive. Our eye makeup allows us to leave the effect we want in the people we encounter. So what are the eye makeup techniques and trends?

In this article, I present 40 different eye makeup techniques that you think will shed light on you. It also matters what time of day you are doing eye makeup.Eye makeup that will be applied day and night is different from each other. At night we prefer brighter and darker colors, while during the day we prefer more pastel and simple shades. Here are eye makeup trends that will provide Misty, shady and smoky looks.

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25+ 2021 make-up trends are mind-boggling

No matter what anyone says, makeup is the most indispensable accessory for women. As every year, this year we are facing brand new makeup trends. It is not surprising that the appearance of the skin is also natural in the new year. Already natural looking make-up is the choice of most women. Make-up made with exaggeration colors is gradually replaced by simple-looking make-up. Instead of using a skin concealer, it is very important to capture simplicity with few products.

In this article, I share photos of what kind of makeup you can do in harmony with your eyebrows, eyes, lips, and all of your face. I have no doubt that you will choose the Variety that best suits your color taste and face shape. Let’s all study these beauties together.

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