30+ Best Forelock Models

Who looks good with a folded Rivet? Folded Rivet haircut is most suitable for long and oval faces. Straight hairstyles make her face look longer. According to the width and length of the forehead, you also need to choose the model of the rivet. With forelock models, you will have a younger and more dynamic look. They’ll say you look a few years or even more young when you make a rivet. You’ll also be able to use the forelock models by splitting them in half in the middle or scanning them to the side.

You’ll look so cool and childish. Flat, folded and wavy models are available. Which one to use is up to you. Can I tell you a secret? If you separate your hair from the side when using a rivet, your hair looks much more voluminous and bushy. In this article, I share you more than 30 models of rivets. Let’s take a look together with the bride.

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