Kupta (Cupta) Strawberry Custard

1 litre milk
2 coffee cups flour
1.5 coffee cup powder
2-3 pieces of drop gum
100 grams of margarine or butter
Fresh strawberries

Let’s take the margarine in a nonstick pan and add the flour and mix until the smell of the flour disappears.Let’s not fry too much, just let the smell of flour go away.Then add the sugar and milk.Cook over medium heat while stirring constantly.Let’s beat the drop gum well and crumble it.Let’s add a few stones to the boiling custard and take it off the stove when the gum is cooked and missed with custard.If the consistency is too dark, the meal can be supplemented with 1-2 tablespoons of milk.If you want to have a very smooth custard consistency, you can pass it through the mixer after cooking.After warming up, let’s share the custard in the cups.Fresh let’s slice the strawberries and bottom of the cups, middle, etc..let’s place it and serve it.Enjoy your meal…

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